To find one's own way does not mean having to look for it alone

What is important to us, what is valuable to us in our work, in our contact with our clients, in our cooperation? These questions are the starting point for the development of our mission statement.

We support people towards a self-responsible life

Die Boje was founded at the end of the 70s. Since then, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting people at risk for addiction and addicts to shape their lives in a self-responsible and self-determinated way.

For a long time, our offers were primarily aimed at young people with problematic alcohol, cannabis and drug use, pathological gambling and, later, problems in dealing with electronic media. In the meantime, the age limit was lifted. We have adapted our offers to help people in various phases of life now.

But we accept the challenge of continuing to reach young people who, otherwise, often fall through the net.

Every person strives for self-realisation

In the humanistic tradition, we assume that every human being strives for self-development and has the ability to make changes and solve problems.

Addiction arises from a lack of experience of one's own effectiveness and alternatives for actions. In every addiction there is a longing for change, for experiencing meaning, for encounter, autonomy and health.

Openness and respect are important to us

Every addict or person at risk of addiction has their own individual life story in the context of which their development is to be understood.

Appreciation, honesty and attentiveness towards others are the prerequisites for accepting him / her in their being and supporting him / her in their search for alternatives.

The reality of our clients' lives determines our help

Adjusted to the individual problems, abilities and needs of our clients, we offer counselling or therapy.

Our help offers take into account the entire life situation of our clients. Addiction is a symptom that can only be treated if current and biographical context conditions are also considered.

Multi-professionalism and partnership create quality

We are trained in various counselling and therapy methods and work together as a team with multiple professional competencies.

We strive for clarity and transparency in our cooperation with our clients and develop the strategies together with them. 

Nothing has to stay the way it is

We are committed to continuous quality development and improvement of our work. The employees are continuously trained, act responsibly and professionally and reflect their actions through exchange with the team. All fields of action of the institution are continuously reviewed and further developed within the framework of quality management.

We live our values

A lively, open and respectful interaction with each other is of great importance for our employees. We also strive to create a friendly, respectful and interested atmosphere among ourselves. Tolerance is of high value to us. We find individual differences in working style and competencies enriching. The management involves the employees in a cooperative manner and is aware of its exemplary responsibility.

It's better together than alone

We maintain case-related and institutional cooperation with institutions from various fields and work continuously to improve cooperation. We network and develop our offers according to the different regional conditions.

Reliability and commitment in cooperation are of particular value to us in the interest of our clients. 


Values are sources of strength from whoch we draw. They give our lives strength. Values not only give the individual an inviolable dignity, but also a community. When we talk about values in a company, it makes little sense to use a moralising index finger to claim that they are being unhelp. The point is to promote values, to create a desire for values so that people feel that it is worth living values. That makes my life valuable. That makes our togetherness valuable. 

Anselm Grün (Anselm Green)