Crises and emergencies

Crises are part of life - for all of us. And how you deal with them can change your life.

That is why we make an effort to offer you help at short notice, especially in times of crisis, and, if necessary, refer you to the right places. But we also know our limits.

Please do not hesitate to ask the emergency and crises services listed here for help if you need it.

Addiction in a crisis:

If you have an addiction problem, are in a crisis and no longer feel safe in your environment, the addiction reception and crises intervention unit of the Asklepios Clinic North is available around the clock:

Suchtaufnahme- und Kriseninterventionsstation des Asklepios-Klinikums Nord

tel. (040) 1818872876

Medical crises:

 If you decide to carry out a withdrawal yourself, be sure to consult a doctor first and discuss the matter with him or her. Self-withdrawal without medical supervision can be very dangerous!

If you need immediate medical help, you will find the right contact person at

Mental crises:

If there is nobody who can accompany you in a mental crisis at the moment a conversation with someone who is ready to listen and knows the help system can be an important sheet anchor. Such people can be found around the clock and anonymously in the telephone counselling service:


tel. 0800 / 111 0 111   - 0800 / 111 0 222

Risk of relapse:

If a relapse is imminent or has occurred, it is important to seek contact with people who are aware of the problem as quickly as possible. Counselling possibilities are not always available. There are self-help groups throughout Hamburg in every district or on every evening.

You will find many self-help groups in the KISS register

Or you look for an appointment nearby directly at the websites of self-help group organisations:

Anonyme Alkoholiker

Freundeskreise für Suchtkranke

Narcotics anonymous

Anonyme Spieler / Gambler anonymous

Help for children and adolescents:

Children and adolescents can also quickly get into a crisis.

If you urgently need help and cannot be supported very well by your parents at the moment, or you would prefer to get away from home, then there are contact persons for you around the clock:

Children and youth emergency service (Kinder- und Jugend-Notdienst)

tel. (040) 42 84 89

If you would like to receive advice anonymously through an online chat, you can find online counselling for adolescents here.