Addictive disorders affect the entire system and thus also people close to an addict. Children, parents, partners, colleagues and friends. Therefore, we see it as our task to offer support to these people as well. As relatives, you can get one or more consultations, work out possibilities with us to rethink and possibly change the way of dealing with the addict / addiction and, if necessary, receive support in finding a treatment option for you.

Relative's meeting

After a first consultation in an individual, couple or family conversation, we recommend that you visit our relatives' meeting. About once a month, we offer relatives the opportunity for information and exchange. The next dates for the relatives' meeting can be found on the website

Inclusion of relatives in treatment

If you want to walk the path out of addiction together with your partner, daughter, son, mother or father: In therapy (rehabilitation) and in aftercare, there is the possibility to be supported in couple or familiy therapy over a longer period time. It is also possible for relatives to have one or more individual consultations during therapy or aftercare of your partner, child or parent in our facility.

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