An outpatient therapy - after cost coverage - can be taken by people

  • with substance-related addictions (mostly alcohol, cannabis, medication and mixed consumption) and / or
  • with pathological gambling
  • with pathological use of electronic media (often also called internet addiction).

We treat eating disorders and other mental disorders if there is also an addiction problem.

The therapy can still be applied for and started up to several months after the beginning of abstinence and as addiction disorders bring about a long risk of relapse.

The therapy can be carried out as exclusively outpatient medical rehabilitation, as outpatient further treatment following an outpatient full-day treatment, as  outpatient further treatment following an inpatient treatment or, under certain conditions, as an inpatient/outpatient or an outpatient full-day/outpatient combination therapy.

Outpatient rehabilitation includes participation in individual and group therapy. It is usually preceded by counselling, motivation treatment and therapy preparation. Here, an assessment of indication and clarification of cost coverage is done, abstinence is tried and consolidated, and goals for the therapy are worked out.